You won’t find higher quality.

Having earned a name as a ballroom dance instructor for over 15 years Ali has shaken up the world of dance. Alongside choreographing film and stage, and being the proprietor of Elegance Shoe, he has a background spanning from his engineering degree to a large collection of martial arts trophies. He never stopped competitively, although the top-ranked Black Belt has shifted his talents. His diverse experience and outlook on life has helped to seed the conception of Elegance Shoe Company in 1992. After careful planning and research the his first line of quality dance shoes brought fashion to the dance floor and offered time-proven innovative designs.

Ali revolutionized the dance world with his cutting edge styles and cushion-insoles and provided dancers with the ultimate comfort and support, but his sights were set much higher. He wasn’t satisfied with limiting the market to just dance shoes– he launched his Kela Ci brand in 2003. The new shoes introduced super-flexible shoes that bend from every angle for ultimate flexibility and comfort.

Today Ali is devoted to becoming the first-choice of dance shoes. Establishing his own factory in 2017, producing only Elegance Shoe and Kela Ci, his production offers the highest level of quality with even the tightest time constrains. You can find his designs worn by many big-names such as Katy Perry, Nicki Manaj, Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, Sandra Bullock, the New York Knicks Cheerleaders, various competitive dancers, and more. His ideology revolved around comfort, accessibility, and quality, setting him apart from the competition. Whether you’re in for a night out in the town, working hard as a lawyer or doctor, or planning your big wedding day, you need the most comfortable and dependable shoe on your side.

“I would personally like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and express my appreciation for your support and confidence in our quality line of dance shoes… We feel fortunate to have clients like you that come to us from all area of the dance world, film and entertainment industries, for their performance needs.

From the beginning my goal has been to create a line of distinctive dance shoes unsurpassed in comfort, quality and selection. I promise with your continued support and input to keep bringing you contemporary styles that take advantage of new materials, innovative design and the latest technology.

As always, I welcome your feedback and suggestions, and I look forward to hearing from you.

– Ali S. Tavakoli
Proprietor & Designer